Sandy gave up her December bank holiday to come and help my daughter to declutter her room and organise her things better. What they achieved in one day was amazing. I now have a car load of rubbish to take to the tip, several bags for the charity shop and a shopping list for new storage solutions. What’s more Pippa is now inspired to finish the job and the rest of the family is inspired to declutter. Thanks Sandy.
Glenda Sawley,London W5

I recommend Sandy, and The Organising Company, for taking expert control of the minutiae of clearing out a deceased estate for sale. I had a 5 floor London terrace house that had to be cleared out of 50 years of clutter and furniture. We also only a short few weeks to complete the task, but Sandy had the links with the right people to get the job done rapidly, efficiently and always with good humour. I left all the main issues in her capable hands, allowing me to concentrate on the Estate Agents and the lawyers. With Sandy’s help, we got the sale price we were hoping for. I highly recommend her – and her team.

David Parsons, London NW6 / Adelaide, Australia

Oh my goodness, Sandy Garfield has just left after a day spent ‘organising’ me and my office and I can honestly say she’s changed my life. In fact, can’t think I’ll ever want to work again. Will just want to lie on the floor moaning with pleasure as I contemplate shelves of orderly files, full of alphabetised documents and, glory be, a desk, the surface of which, to date had never seen the light of day. In fact when it was time for her to go, I booked her again to come back and deal with my husband and his stuff – the woman’s a miracle worker and what’s more she never once made me feel bad as we unearthed the detritus of years! She should be available on the NHS!

Marilyn Messik, North London

What can I say about Sandy at The Organising Co? She has changed my life! I thought that my office was not too bad and that I was quite organised, but I needed a bit of tweaking. So I asked Sandy to come and help. She came with her amazing shredder and got me to do the things that I had been putting off for a long time. Within a couple of hours the shredding was done, the box for the charity shop arranged and my office had everything in its right place and the space I have is amazing. It has transformed my business which has grown since I have been organised. I do believe that this is a result of me decluttering and having a more structured space. Thank you Sandy – you’re an Organising Angel.

Maria Bigg, North London

For the past three years Sandy has helped me periodically with some complex work involving archiving old master paintings. The work requires dedication, accuracy and a lively interest, all of which she applied. Apart from her professional help, Sandy is a lovely person, enthusiastic and reliable. She is a pleasure to work with.

Pamela Appleson, Hampstead

When The Organising Company helped me recently I was surprised at the sheer amount of clearing and sorting that we completed in only a day. Sandy made a difficult job for me relatively painless – well almost! What made the whole thing go better was her sense of humour and remarkable energy. To have achieved all that on my own would have been very stressful. Thank you so much.

Virginia Spray, Suffolk

We had the enormously daunting task of helping our mother move out of her – and our – family house of the last 40 years to a much smaller flat. It was such a huge project that we knew we’d need the help of a professional.
We found Sandy from The Organising Company and met up for coffee together with her before engaging her help. We immediately felt that she understood the situation and our intuition proved correct! It was so important for Mum to feel she could trust Sandy with her personal possessions and worries about the move.
Sandy has shown enormous patience and kindness and has managed to achieve the impossible by persuading Mum to let go of all sorts of unnecessary items she really didn’t need to take with her to her new home. Sandy also provided scaled drawings of the new flat to help Mum understand where her favourite pieces of furniture would fit – and also what wouldn’t!
It’s taken a while, but now the house is sold and we are all now ready for the big move out.
We certainly couldn’t have done this without Sandy’s help, experience and encouragement – she’s been a life-saver!
We highly recommend this service for anyone in the same position.

Janna and Rose Lloyd, London N1

I work from home and have a very busy life. Somehow, over the years, I meant to find time to reorganise my office and go through the ever growing piles of paperwork stashed under my desk. But time passed, and I never got round to it. I started a large project a few months ago and was appalled to discover I couldn’t put my hands on some vital papers when I needed them. I found Sandy from the Organising Company – who saved me from meltdown! She came in, and swept through my paper mountains quickly and with greathumour. Sandy has completely changed my office including the desks and shelving, and created a brand new filing system for me with some lovely new matching stationery all clearly labelled. A complete life saver – I highly recommend her services.

Bess Ward, Surbiton

We’d recently moved to a new house – with our baby and a whole heap of boxes, bags and suitcases. My husband and I are both busy designers and just didn’t have time to unpack and sort ourselves out, even after 3 weeks. We desperately needed help and found The Organising Co. Sandy saved us – I can’t believe how quickly she sorted everything out, hung and folded our clothes beautifully and organised our chaotic studio too. She’s great company too, and preserved our sanity!

Roni and Will Green,London

The Organising Company helped me design and organise a total refurbishment of my very ancient kitchen and bathroom. I was so delighted to have someone sort this out for me. I had no idea how to start. It was a pleasure to work with  Sandy. Her vivacious personality diffused a lot of my anxieties and the end results are terrific.

Mrs. L. Hutton-Mills, Primrose Hill, London