Habits of Humans

It may be news to you – but we all share similar habits – at home – and in the office.  One of the most common traits we come across is people’s need to store …. spare change in the shape of 1p’s, 2p’s and our personal bete noire – the annoying miniature 5p piece! People keep them in jars if they’re organised and rolling about in the bottom of drawers if they’re not. We’ve yet to come across anyone who sorts them into little bags on a regular basis and then takes them to the bank. Where do you stop?  20p’s? or maybe 50p’s because they’re a nice shape. And how long do you keep them for? It makes for fascinating research! And what about those drawers full of cables? Computer cables, TV cables, phone cables… we’ve all got them and we’re all too scared to throw them out in case – ermmm – we need them one day. Our advice is – use it or lose it. Or label your cables – then you’ll know how useful they are 10 years down the line!